the box of Thierry Court

Here are some of the treasures you will find in this Box Of Chef. We may add even more, but let's keep it a secret; don't you like a little surprise from now and then?

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Content of the box

  • Criiiks dark & milk chocolate

    Puffed cereals coated with dark and milk chocolate for a perfect snack at any time of the day!

  • P’tits Zounours

    Vanilla marshmallows with a soft filling and a chocolate coat that will bring you back to childhood!

  • Strawberry & Banana Marshmallow

    These marshmallows both sweet and tart are the artisanal version of the famous sweets from our childhood.

  • P'tits Cancres

    These homemade cookies are pure delicacy: a crispy shortbread cookie under two different dresses: one with salted caramel butter, and...

  • Ze Twins

    A gourmet chocolate bar inspired by the famous double caramel and chocolate bar. This recipe uses 100% artisanal dark chocolate and milk...

  • - Nuts Spread

    This spread is ideal to better up any homemade dessert, yogurt or ice cream. It will surprise you with its subtle nutty taste.

  • ark Chocolate Pecan Figs Bar

    This delicious chocolate bar is perfect to enjoy on your own or with friends around a coffee! It's a sweet blend of dark chocolate 66%,...

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