Denny Imbroisi

After he wanted to be a pope, a clown and an electrician, Denny Imbroisi finally chose the kitchen. His father, who was a chef and restaurateur in Italy, transmitted him his passion. After working in star restaurants and even going on TV, he opened two restaurants in Paris. With IDA and Epoca, his taste-oriented cuisine navigates between France and Italy to modernize the landscape of the Italian restaurants in Paris, always according to the seasons.


What's your favourite dish?

I love gnocchi with potatoes, especially because my mother used to make it every Sunday when I was living in Italy.


What is your signature dish?

For 3 years now, the signature dish at IDA has been the spaghetti carbonara. It's spaghettis with pig cheek called 'guanciale', egg yolk and grated grana padano.


Can you tell us about your olive oil?

What's better than olive oil? It's the basis of any type of cuisine. At home, I particularly like the olive oil from Sicily made by Cédric Casanova, which is called the P. It feels sweet at first and shortly after it slightly scratches your throat. Sexy and punchy!


And why put Amaretti Coco in the Box of Chefs?

It's a great classic of Italian cuisine. I thought about these amaretti with Clotilde Roux and decided to add some coconut to it. You can enjoy it at anytime of the day, with a good coffee or tea, or you can use it in recipes just like we did in the Box of Chefs with the tiramisu coconut coffee.


Do you have a message for the Box of Chefs?

The Box of Chefs is simple. It's like having chefs at home.


Make the Garofalo Lasagna with Datterini Mutti tomato.

500 g Garofalo lasagne

150 g of Datterini Mutti

1 chopped shallot

20 g of olive oil

5 basil leaves

Chili sprouts

Salt pepper



250 g grated grana padano

200 g of liquid cream

Salt & pepper


Cook the Garofalo lasagna as indicated on the package.

Peel the shallot, slice it and fry it in an oiled frying pan. Add the tomatoes and cook it for 25 minutes over low heat and finish with salt, pepper and basil leaves.

Heat the cream to 80 degrees, add the grana padano and mix it until it gets homogeneous. Add salt and pepper. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

When it's ready, add a dash of extra virgin olive oil and a few basil leaves.

Our tip: Add a few pickles of red onions and the ' parmesan du pauvre' (poorman’s parmesan) you will find in the Box of Chefs to bring even more freshness and taste to it.


His address

Restaurant Epoca

17 rue Oudinot

75007 Paris

Restaurant IDA

117 rue de Vaugirard

75015 Paris


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The box of Denny Imbroisi