Gilles Marchal

Gilles Marchal, a renowned pastry chef from Lorraine in France, first worked in palaces (Crillon, Plaza Athénée, Bristol), then he worked as a creative director in the Maison du Chocolat, before settling in Montmartre in a gourmet setting at Human scale. The "King of the Madeleine" offers generous pastries, which are often classics he updates to the taste of the day, but also signature creations, all tastier than the others. Entering his craft and delicate world is really like going back to childhood.


What is your favourite pastry?

My favourite is my mother's mirabelle pie because you just can't find it anywhere else. What comes to my mind isn't a pastry from a chef but simple childhood memories.


What would you be if you were a chocolate?

I would be a milk chocolate with caramel and vanilla flavours. If I had to be a chocolate candy, I would be a grand cru dark chocolate ganache.


What is your sweet temptation?

In salty, I would say fresh pasta with Parmesan chips, fleur de sel and a stroke of olive oil, it just goes too well together! If I had to take a dessert on a desert island, it would be the one I created for my daughter who loves chocolate, it's called "Chocolisa". It's a dark chocolate mousse with vanilla whipped cream for sweetness and a cocoa crumble for crackling. I can eat this dessert anytime both on summer and winter.


What is you favourite product in the Box of Chefs?

I usually like the seasonal products but at one point you get bored! I would say plum jam. For two to three weeks I spread my bread every morning with it. A part from that, I confess that once you get your hands on a caramelized pecans nuts bag, you just can't stop!


Do you have a message for the Box of Chefs?

I think it's absolutely great! In Paris, we are lucky to have many great restaurants but in other places sometimes it is more difficult.

The Box of Chefs precisely allows you to have access to the products of great chefs. Wherever you are from, you can discover each month a chef and its products, it is a surprise every time! And beyond the surprise and the opportunity to have access to renowned chef without having to pay the usual price of their tables for example, the Box Of Chef is also about sharing.

Easily make a chocolate soup with pecan nuts.

Dark chocolate ganache

250 g of liquid cream

200 g dark chocolate 64%

In a saucepan bring the cream to boil. Immediately put the chopped chocolate in it. Let it melt for a minute without mixing, then gently mix with a whisk to create an emulsion. You get a smooth, shiny and semi-fluid ganache.

Pour equal amounts into four soup plates.

Sprinkle the top with some caramelized pecan nuts.

Our advice: You can bring even more greed by accompanying this dessert with different flavours of ice cream or sorbet.

His address

Pâtisserie Gilles Marchal

9 Rue Ravignan

75018 Paris


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