Juan Arbelaez

He came from Colombia at the age of 18 to fulfil his dream to be a cook in Paris. Juan Arbelaez worked in big starred restaurants (Pierre Gagnaire, Eric Frechon) before opening his first restaurant in 2015 Plantxa where he expresses his own style. Since then he has kept working in new businesses where he puts his colourful, punchy and bold signature. He has teamed up with the Chatzios brothers, Pierre-Julien and Grégory, founders of the Kalios brand, to create the Yaya restaurant, where he invites us to Greece for a meal.


Are you rather "salty" or "sweet"?

I already have a sweet heart so I would say salty.


What is your definition of cooking?

Cooking is the complete opposite of selfishness. We share through our plates the experiences and memories of a lifetime.


What is your favourite product?

Olive oil.


What is your sweet temptation?

Chocolate with olive oil and fleur de sel.


Do you have a chef's tip to share with us?

Always put a pinch of fleur de sel with chocolate recipes, it wakes the taste up.


What does the Box of Chefs represent for you?

The Box of Chefs is a summary of the products I use everyday, which I love to share with my relatives. I am very happy to be part of this adventure.

Make a chocolate fondant, orange zest

180g Colombian dark chocolate Carré Suisse

375g of sweet butter

5 eggs

440g brown sugar

1 vanilla flavored sugar spoon

75g of flour

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1 pinch of oregano

1 pinch of black salt

1 orange Bio

Melt the chocolate with the butter in a bain-marie.

Beat the eggs and sugar with and add the vanilla flavour.

Pour the egg mixture over the melted chocolate off the heat.

Pre-mix the yeast with the flour and add to the rest of the ingredients, be careful to mix it well with a whisk to avoid lumps.

Pour the dough into a gastro plate and sprinkle with oregano and black salt: cook at 170°C for 35/40 minutes.

Sprinkle the fondant with freshly grated orange peel.

Cut orange slices and arrange them on the cake, or the previously cut parts.

Our tip: You can add hazelnuts or crushed nuts to the cake making for even more crunchiness!

Chef's Tip: Add a drizzle of Kalios olive oil for even more fondant and gluttony.

His address

Restaurant Vida

49 rue de l’Echiquier

75010 Paris

Restaurant Levain

3 Rue d’Aguesseau

92100 Boulogne

Restaurant Yaya

8 rue de l'hippodrome

93400 Saint-Ouen

Restaurant Plantxa

58 rue Galiéni

92100 Boulogne


Treat your family and friends by offering them exceptional products, delivered at home.


The box of Juan Arbelaez