Thierry Court

After studying cooking, Thierry Court from Grenoble got the sugar fever and turned to chocolate and confectionery, which he revisits with his own style. At only 25 years old, he settles down as a craftsman and keeps doing internships to constantly improve his skills. His goal is to reshape the classics of industrial products (sweets, spreads, biscuits and chocolate bars) in a completely traditional way using fewer additives to give us gourmet and regressive pleasures.


What is your favourite candy?

I love sweets so much that it is difficult to answer ... but among my creations, I really like the marshmallow banana candy, it sends me back to my childhood and when I start eat one and I struggle to stop. 


What is your favourite pastry?

As a kid, my favourite dessert was the lemon pie. I used to ask my mom to make one for my birthday. I kept a strong taste for all the acidulous perfumes. Today I love the great classics: Paris-Brest, Tarte Tatin and Baba.


What is your sweet temptation?

In addition to being a sweets lover, I love salty and especially Iberian cold cuts!


Do you have a message for the Box of Chefs?

The Box of Chefs is for me the best way to discover the culinary world of a chef! In addition to the products, the recipe cards are ideal to have fun at home. Anyways I am delighted, thanks to you, to have the opportunity to share my Little Treats!


Realize the irresistible "Pets de nonne" The Churros Way by Thierry Court!

Recipe for 20 to 30 churros


125g of milk

125g of water

5g of salt

10g of sugar

125g of butter

200g of flour

5g of baking powder

230g of eggs



Heat in a saucepan, milk, water with butter, sugar and salt. When it boils, add the flour and mix vigorously until the panade forms. Thoroughly dry the panade and turn to bat, using the leaf. Let the steam escape before adding the eggs one by one. Mix.

COOKING (15 min)

Heat the oil, put the puff pastry in the bag with a fluted socket. Cut the puff pastry over the oil and cut with a pair of scissors. Fry the puff pastry until a nice colour appears and then deposit on paper towels. When cold, sprinkle with caster sugar.

Chef's Tip: Churros are best served hot. To warm them up, do not hesitate to put them a few minutes in the traditional oven.

His address

Thierry Court Créations

22 Rue de la Poste

38000 Grenoble


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