the box of Patrick Bertron

In this Box des Chefs made in Saulieu, we have selected the most iconic and local products from Maison Bernard Loiseau. 

our selection

Content of the box

  • Mustard with ceps and black tea

    Ideal to enhance any sauce and preparation, or to decorate fish and meat!

  • Poultry liver terrine with foie gras

    Fine and fragrant, this recipe is ideal on a fresh slice of bread, or on a toast as an aperitif, or as a starter with a salad. Better to...

  • Honey of flowers

    A delicate honey made with the hives of the Domaine Loiseau, and recommended by the Perronneau family "Ruchers de Bourgogne", fifth...

  • Nonettes "strawberry and rose"

    The nonette is a slight gingerbread stuffed with jam. To make it even better, just warm it up for a few minutes before serving. 

  • "Blackcurrant & elderberry" candies

    These delicacies are made in Dijon in a traditional way, using only natural flavours and not any additive or preservative.

  • 'L'Ours' / The Bear

    The White Bear François Pompon, iconic item of Maison Loiseau, has exceptionally a dress of dark chocolate Kalingo (Valrhona)...

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