Christophe Adam

This ultra-creative pastry chef is the closing our partnerships' season. Known for his éclairs both in Paris and abroad, his creativity and taste for sugar are just amazing. Overflowing with ideas, he offers unique pop creations, which are not limited to pastry as he opened in 2017 a restaurant, called Le Dépôt Légal and surely he won't stop there!


What is your favourite pastry?

To keep it simple I would say the éclair au caramel!


Which one do you like the most: chocolate or caramel?

OMG, It's impossible for me to choose! I'd say both.


What do you think of the crapotes?

It's about a family story really. This creation is based on a recipe my grandmother taught me and that I modernized for my mom. She has sold them for years at Concarneau and now it's my turn to sell them at L'Eclair de Génie. It feels pretty much like a dream to keep this recipe going through my family.


What is your sweet temptation?

Butter with fleur de sel spread on a crispy baguette... and a slight touch of caramel, best on the afternoon.


Do you have a message for the Box of Chefs?

I think it's a great idea and that it's the box all gourmands need!


Make the Christophe Adam's Yogurt yourself!

Enjoy a simple but delicious and creative dessert.

If you want a better aspect for your guests, put them in verrines, classy! 

Recipe for 6 desserts (easy)



6 jars of natural yogurt 125g

1 tube of caramel fleur de sel

1 pot of caramelized hazelnuts fleur de sel


Pour half a yogurt into each verrine.

Cover with a layer of caramel fleur de sel.

Repeat this operation with the rest of the yogurt and the caramel fleur de sel to have a second layer for each of the 6 verrines.

Crush the caramelized hazelnuts with a pestle or a fork and spread it on the top of the verrines.

For even more gluttony, add a last layer of caramel fleur de sel.

His address

Lepic brunch & take away

31 rue Lepic

75018 Paris

La Fabrique L'Eclair de Génie

32 rue Notre Dame des Victoires

75002 Paris

Le Dépôt Légal

6 Rue des Petits Champs

75002 Paris

Boutique Odéon

13 rue de l'Ancienne Comédie

75006 Paris

Boutique Pavée

14 rue Pavée

75004 Paris


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