the box of Joseph Viola

Here are some of the treasures you will find in this Box Of Chef. We may add even more, but let's keep it a secret; don't you like a little surprise from now and then?

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  • Terrine of pistachio poultry livers

    Made in the proper traditional way, this terrine is characterized by a light hash that respects taste and textures. Firm and melting, it...

  • Pike dumplings, Nantua sauce

    Please welcome the famous Quenelle de Brochet of chef Joseph Viola, an iconic dish from the bouchon lyonnais Daniel & Denise, and...

  • Veal stock

    Great sauces are made from great stocks. With this natural veal stock you will make great creamy sauces and add flavour to your meat...

  • Spread with praline

    A unique artisanal recipe both unctuous and crunchy with a slight taste of salted butter caramel that reduces the sweet effect of praline...

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