the box of Juan Arbelaez

Here are some of the treasures you will find in this Box Of Chef. We may add even more, but let's keep it a secret; don't you like a little surprise from now and then?

our selection

Content of the box

  • Organic olive oil - Kalios

    An intense olive oil... Harvested the 3rd week of November, this oil has strength and a magical balance that adapts perfectly to the...

  • Breadsticks - Kalios

    Is there anything better than breadsticks for an aperitif? Kalios found a crunchy and generous recipe that you won't forget...

  • Mézé olive Kalamata - Kalios

    The kalamata olive cream is as pure as the black olives of this region. This black gold has a powerful taste that will go perfectly with...

  • Pine honey - Kalios

    From sweet to salty, from drinks to appetizers and dishes, this pine honey will be an essential ally daily.

  • Colombian Chocolate - Swiss Square

    What can we say about this 'Colombian style' moment of pleasure? This cocoa has such a flavour that your palate just won't get enough....

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