Cyril Lignac

Cyril Lignac, a visionary chef and entrepreneur, manages his businesses just like his kitchen, with enthusiasm and seriousness. Managing four restaurants, including a gourmet star restaurant, and seven sweet shops (La Pâtisserie and La Chocolaterie) in Paris, Cyril Lignac always keeps exploring taste and greed. 



What is your favourite pastry?

I love every pastry! But the one that comes to my mind right now is the rum Baba. I like its roundness, mellowness, generous cream, vanilla taste, syrup of rum sugar ... It is a pastry that always brings me emotions. I like these kind of traditional cakes. I can also quote the Equinoxe, which is my signature pastry because this cake is just like me: it combines classic flavours (vanilla, speculoos, salted caramel butter) and modernity.


What does chocolate mean to you?

Chocolate is related to sharing, to comfort and all the small pleasures of everyday life like. When you eat a tablet, when you cut a soft cake, when you dip a spoon... they are simple pleasures relying on great skills.


What is your sweet temptation?

I find the marshmallow teddies absolutely irresistible! 


What is your ideal snack?

Two slices of brioche bread filled with a piece of milk-hazelnut chocolate.


Do you have a message for the Box of Chefs?

This is the perfect box for passionate and curious gourmets!


Learn to make the delicious Marshmallow Gummy Bears from La Chocolaterie!

Recipe for 35 pieces



14 g of fish gelatine in foil

35 g of water

200 g caster sugar

80 g of water

70 g + 100 g of trimoline (or invert sugar)

1/2 vanilla pod

800 g of milk chocolate



Let the gelatine soak in cold water for 20 minutes. Cook the sugar, cracked vanilla, water and trimoline (70 g) together at 110 ° C. In a bowl, using a mixer, mount the trimoline (100 g) and pour the cooked syrup. Let it mount for a few minutes before adding the gelatine. Mount again until the desired texture and poach the bear-shaped molds. Let it crystallize for 24 hours before de-molding. Melt the milk chocolate in a bain-marie and pour it on.



Dip in the milk chocolate and drain. Let it crystallize for 1 hour at room temperature.

Our advice: if you want your marshmallow treats to have a different form, just use a different mold.

His address

La Chocolaterie - Saint-Germain

34 rue du Dragon

75006 Paris

La Chocolaterie - Paul Bert

25 rue Chanzy

75011 Paris

La Pâtisserie Poncelet

9 rue Bayen

75017 Paris

La Pâtisserie Chaillot

2 rue de Chaillot

75016 Paris

La Pâtisserie Pasteur

55 bd Pasteur

75015 Paris

La Pâtisserie Paul Bert

24 rue Paul Bert

75011 Paris

La Pâtisserie Sèvres

133 rue de Sèvres

75006 Paris


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