the box of Nicolas Haelewyn

Here are some of the treasures you will find in this Box Of Chef. We may add even more, but let's keep it a secret; don't you like a little surprise from now and then?

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Content of the box

  • Karamel spread fleur de sel

    On a pancake, on a waffle, on bread, in hot milk, or on a spoon... this traditional caramel spread will suit every taste!

  • Karamel spread passion

    So fruity! This exclusive recipe is a real gourmet creation with the subtle alliance of the acidity of the passion fruit and the sweetness...

  • Karacroks

    Go back to childhood with these fine caramel chips slightly sprinkled with fleur de sel and coated with a 38% milk chocolate.

  • P'tite Dinguerie

    Is there anything more regressive than chocolate-covered almonds and puffed rice? Honestly, nope.

  • Chocolate bar

    Flowing heart vanilla and fleur de sel, karamel passion, honey lime or hazelnuts Mendiants and dark chocolate? ... Surprise!!

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