Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic manages several Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Maison Pic, to which she gave back 3 Michelin stars in 2007. She keeps exploring new flavours, often with a touch of bitterness and spices, and always looks for new dining experience to sublimate her plates.


Are you rather "salty" or "sweet"?

As a cook, I have a natural preference for salty. I have an atypical approach to sweet as I work a lot with bitterness and just like I do with salty plates, I try to combine flavours around bitterness. I therefore propose desserts in which sweetness does not come from the sugar.


What is your definition of cooking?

For me the goal is to convey an emotion through taste and seeking to explore all the nuances of the aromatic palette. This means combining atypical flavours, seeking the power of taste and the delicacy of the plates.


What is your favourite dish?

The Sunday chicken with tarragon my mother makes. This memory is related to the dish but also to a specific family moment.


What is your sweet temptation?

It would be chocolate because it is a fermented product and for me fermentation is everything. It's also associated with a strong childhood memory when we used to spread butter and chocolate on a toast.


Do you have a message for the Box of Chefs?

It was a real challenge to summarize my culinary universe in a box but I love challenges and this project is very inspiring.

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20 g of hojicha cubèbe tea

80 g of sugar

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His address

Maison Pic

285 Avenue Victor Hugo

26000 Valence

Epicerie Pic

210 Avenue Victor Hugo

26000 Valence

La Dame de Pic

20 Rue du Louvre

75001 Paris


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