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 How to place an order on La Box des Chefs?

You can order one or more Box of Chefs by going to the "Boxes" section.

You can order a Surprise Box by going to the "Les Envies" section.

Finally, you can also please your loved ones by choosing a gift of 1, 3 or 6 months.


How to change my order information?

It's very easy! Just go to the section "My Account" to change your delivery and billing addresses in a few seconds.


Can I change my delivery address?

Go to "My Account", "My Subscriptions", then "Change Delivery Address". Check "change address for all remaining months" and click "add new address". Let us know in advance so that your changes can be taken into account.


How does sponsorship work?

To take advantage of our sponsorship offer, you must have placed an order. If you are sponsoring 3 friends who are also ordering a Box of Chefs, you win a free Box of Chefs so do not hesitate to share!

The recipients that you wish to sponsor will receive an email inviting them to subscribe and when creating their account, they will have to indicate your email in the "email of the sponsor" field.

At the time of registration and placing orders of your 3 sponsored friends, you will be notified by email and you will receive a free Box Des Chefs!




How are the products of the Box of Chefs selected?

The products we offer are the result of a serious selection that guarantees the best quality. Before the selection we try every product made or recommended by Chefs, who are committed to offer you the best.


Can I choose the products I will receive?

We want to create a surprise effect, so you cannot choose the products composing the Box. Do not worry, we will offer you every month an exceptional selection to upgrade your table!


I did not receive the surprise gift from the chef in my box, is this normal?

Each Box of Chefs contains:

- 5 to 7 products selected by us, made or recommended by chefs

- A portrait of the Chef

- Recipe cards

- Advice and tips from the chef

Each month, we hide a surprise in one or more boxes we send, in a completely random way.

Each month, a chef, a box, 5 to 7 exceptional products, recipes, tips and maybe more, and even maybe a surprise!

So if you have not been the lucky winner of the month, wait for the next month or try again by subscribing!




I lost my password, what should I do?

When you log in, click on the "Forgot your password" link and you will receive a new one in your mailbox.


How to change my password?

When you log in click on "Forgotten password", you will receive a new one by email.




What are the payment methods available on Laboxdeschefs.com?

Visa and Mastercard bank cards.


Is online payment secure?

Our partner Stripe secures online payment by credit card. We have no access to your bank details.


When am I charged?

In the case of a subscription with monthly payment, the first month will be immediately charged when you order. The automatic debits will occur around the 15th of each month.

For the 3 months and 6 months subscriptions, you are charged the full subscription period when you purchase online (shipping included).


How to change my bank details?

In case of theft, loss, expiration of CB or bank change, go directly to the "My Account" and then "Manage my subscriptions" and edit your information.




I would like to offer a subscription, how does it work?

Go to the "Offer" section, choose the subscription you want, then the delivery method and finally, indicate whether you prefer to receive the activation code of the beneficiary or if you want us to send him directly by email.


When will my friend receive his first box?

Your friend will receive the box on the month following the activation of his card. A confirmation email will also be sent to your friend to confirm the activation of their card and the reception of their first box.


Do I have to fill in the delivery address of the person I am offering the subscription to?

No, the delivery address will be indicated by the beneficiary of the gift card when he activates the subscription on our website La Box des Chefs


What happens when the subscription is over? Does it get automatically renewed?

No, be reassured. Once the subscription expires, no withdrawal will be made and your friend will no longer receive La Box des Chefs. Do you want to offer La Box des Chefs again? Now you know how it works!


What happens if the beneficiary loses his activation code?

No worries! In the confirmation email of your gift card order, you will also receive the code to activate the subscription. Therefore he can activate his subscription even without the gift card.


I was offered a subscription, how to receive my Box of Chefs?

You have received an email subscription with an activation code. To validate it and start your subscription, go to the home page of the laboxdeschefs.com website and click on "Use my gift card" at the top right of the page.




For any request regarding The Box of Chefs as a corporate gift,

please send your request to clotilde@laboxdeschefs.com




For any request for a potential partnership or press request,

please send an email to clotilde@laboxdeschefs.com